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Happy New Year

Cassoulet, Mastering the Art of French Cooking, pp. 399 – 404


Up an Up

On Sunday there was an antiques flea market on the Florence town common. There were nice old egg beaters and enormous stoneware crocks and braided rugs and a beautiful Schwinn cruiser. I bought two of these little muffin tins advertising Up an Up Self Rising Cake Flour, a product of the George Urban Milling Company of Buffalo, New York. You can read all about the grain elevators and mills of Buffalo here. I’m looking forward to making some muffins very soon. Continue reading

Spinach and Sausage Lasagna

*A dispatch from our correspondent Emily*


My good friend spends quite a few of his late evenings wandering the Brooklyn streets and dragging home whatever trash looks good. This has led to some uncomfortable morning realizations, I bet! Happily, one day he found this treasure.


Unfortunately, the mixing attachments and bowls were too expensive for a librarian. But the meat grinding accoutrements were only $30. Homemade sausage party time! Continue reading