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In the Garden

One very cold Saturday morning back in March I stood outside in a long line to sign up for a community garden plot. In exchange for about twenty bucks and two hours of community service you get a 20 x 20 foot plot in which to grow whatever you want, and many friendly neighbors who will offer you extra seedlings they don’t have room for, water your garden when you go on vacation, and tell you how nicely your peas are coming along. Not a bad deal. Continue reading



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Meg and Paul have turned a small strip of dirt along side their driveway and planter on wheels into an impressive vegetable garden. The rolling bed lives in the driveway, and can be moved to allow the car to come and go from the garage, making the most of the only sunny patch of their yard. After seeing their thriving summer squash plants two weeks ago, I sent them a link this roundup of squash blossom recipes. Continue reading