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Campfire Cooking


Last week I went out to San Francisco to visit some friends and Teddy, Stella and Vicent and I took a weekend camping trip to Bodega Bay. We arrived at our ocean front campsite Friday night just in time to pitch our tents and watch the sun set over the Pacific. We built a fire and made a simple dinner of sausages and corn on the cob with s’mores for dessert. Continue reading


Cornbread for Maeve


Yesterday afternoon I got an email from my niece Maeve who was looking for a recipe for cornbread. I realized that I had no recipe to offer, I’m ashamed to say, because I always just make it from a box. Jiffy. It’s unlike me, I know. But Jiffy cornbread is really good. It’s because there’s lard in that little blue box. Also it costs about 39 cents. Also there’s something about that circa 1934 packaging that I find irresistible.* Continue reading