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Pecan Sandies

For the past week or so I’ve been completely preoccupied with thoughts of cookies. I’ve been reading recipes and making lists and stocking up on butter and sugar and nuts of all kinds. I think there’s about five pounds of butter in my refrigerator right now. It will all be consumed before the new year. My Christmas cookie assortment is ever-evolving, but the one my family looks for every year is the pecan sandy. Continue reading


Cowboy Cookies

A few years ago my old roommate Leslie went camping in Ithaca and ate at the Moosewood Restaurant. She brought me back a copy of the Moosewood Restaurant Book of Desserts. There are quite a few recipes in there that have become old standbys that people ask me to make again and again. I’ve made the cowboy cookies so many times that the book’s spine is broken and it now flops open to that page on its own. I’ve made a few modifications to the recipe over the years, before settling on what I think is pretty much the perfect oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Continue reading