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This week at the farmers market: 4/25/2009


This morning I took a delightful stroll up through Prospect Park to the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket. It was warm and sunny and all the trees were in bloom and the air smelled amazing.  I got to the top of the park and was greeted by a klezmer band, spontaneous dancing, and piles and piles of fresh spinach, leeks and cut herbs. I brought home my first asparagus of the season, some leeks, a bunch of chives, a half dozen eggs, and a geranium to brighten up my kitchen. That little brown thing in the paper bag that looks like a small woodland creature is, in fact, a small woodland creature– a hen of the woods mushroom. I hear they can be found in the same wooded park where the raspberries grow if you know where to look.


This week at the farmers market: 1/24/2009


This week my friend Amy emailed me to see if I wanted to go to the farmers market together today. I wasn’t feeling too optimistic about what we would find there, but I hadn’t seen Amy in ages, so I figured why not? We tried a bunch different sheep’s milk cheeses. I got a piece of the regular aged one and Amy went the smoked variety. We each got a package of really delicious looking bacon and I got some eggs and some milk. When I went to pay for my onions I was surprised to spot something green. Among the onions and parsnips and rutebegas we found a bin of  what I think was called wintercress. It has a delightful peppery flavor, like a cross between watercress and mustard greens. Not bad for January.

This week at the farmers market: 8/30/2008

Somehow I seemed to have missed an entire month of the farmers market. I don’t know what happened. I didn’t eat enough zucchini to get sick of it and I certainly haven’t had my fill of tomatoes. I think I only had corn on the cob twice. Yesterday I finally made it back to the market and alongside the peaches were pears. There were grapes too. Then I stopped to take this picture and when I looked down, at my feet was a crate full of acorn squash. Acorn squash! Continue reading

This week at the farmers market: 7/19/2008

For as long as I can remember my mom has been lamenting the price of corn. She can’t buy corn without remarking that it used to be a dozen for a dollar. Never mind that corn hasn’t been a dollar a dozen for at least 20 years. Yesterday it was two for a dollar. Continue reading