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In the Garden

One very cold Saturday morning back in March I stood outside in a long line to sign up for a community garden plot. In exchange for about twenty bucks and two hours of community service you get a 20 x 20 foot plot in which to grow whatever you want, and many friendly neighbors who will offer you extra seedlings they don’t have room for, water your garden when you go on vacation, and tell you how nicely your peas are coming along. Not a bad deal. Continue reading


Leek & Goat Cheese Pie

This pie is one of my favorite things to make in the spring. The leftovers are delicious straight out of the fridge for breakfast the next day. I started making this many years ago from a recipe in Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone. But I don’t own the book and I haven’t looked at the original recipe in so long that I’m not sure if what I make is still the same recipe. Continue reading

Irish Brown Bread


Last year I posted my grandmother’s Irish soda bread recipe for St. Patrick’s Day and it has been the most popular recipe on this site ever since. I never would have guessed. Anyway, the other day I came across a soda bread recipe in The Art of Simple Food. Simple it is, without the butter, sugar, and raisins of the American version. When I noticed the whole wheat variation at the bottom of the page, I remembered the delicious brown bread they sold at the Irish butcher shop down the block from my old apartment in Queens. I had to try it. It’s rather austere compared to the Irish soda bread we are used to, but hearty  and delicious none the less. This bread is at it’s  best slathered with butter while it’s still warm, though it also toasts up nicely on the second day. Continue reading

Lavash Crackers


Lately I’ve gotten really into baking bread. I started with the few recipes in How to Cook Everything Vegetarian, which came out pretty good, but in true Bittman style, the recipes were rather minimal, and I thought I needed a little more guidance. So a few weeks ago I went out and bought The Bread Baker’s Apprentice by Peter Reinhart, and like total dork I’ve been carrying it to bed with me most nights and reading it late into the night. I’m kind of obsessed. Continue reading