Thanksgiving for 40

Meg & Paul’s living room furniture was pushed aside to make room for two rented tables.

Meg slathered this enormous beast of a turkey with butter and herbs and started it off breast-side down to keep it nice and juicy. When it came time to flip it over, the skin stuck to the roasting pan and we lost a big chunk. Looking at gaping hole in the skin I asked myself, what would Julia do? I decided Julia would turn to pork. We patched the skin with a few strips of bacon and pushed it back into the oven.

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Bacon roasted on the breast of a well-buttered turkey is delicious.

While the turkey rested Sam and I made two kinds of cranberry sauce. We added a whole jar of horseradish to one and the juice and zest of an orange to the other. Both were sweetened with maple syrup.

Paul is a master turkey carver.

There was chestnut stuffing, Pat & Jean’s buttery mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes topped with brown sugar and pecans, roasted root vegetables, Brussels sprouts, greenbean casserole, and oyster pie. For dessert there was apple pie, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin bread. Next year I think we will have to have three of each pie instead of two to ensure that there is pie for Friday’s breakfast.

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