On Saturday Scott and I picked 50 pounds of peaches.

Scott does a lot of work on a house with a beautiful gardens and a swimming pool and no regular inhabitants to enjoy them. Also there are fruit trees.

There are two peach trees. One has regular early ripening peaches. If you’re lucky you get to eat them all.

If you’re unlucky a porcupine or a bear comes and eats them all when you’re not looking and you don’t get to eat any peaches.

The other peach tree is a late ripening variety and usually they don’t get a chance to ripen before it gets cold.

This summer was so hot that they ripened early. We picked the tree clean.

Also there were two pear trees laden with tiny, sweet fruit.

We laid out a drop cloth and gave the trees a good shaking. Most of the pears rolled right off the cloth and down the hill.

These pears are very ugly on the outside but inside they are sweet as candy.

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