This week at the farmers market: 4/25/2009


This morning I took a delightful stroll up through Prospect Park to the Grand Army Plaza greenmarket. It was warm and sunny and all the trees were in bloom and the air smelled amazing.  I got to the top of the park and was greeted by a klezmer band, spontaneous dancing, and piles and piles of fresh spinach, leeks and cut herbs. I brought home my first asparagus of the season, some leeks, a bunch of chives, a half dozen eggs, and a geranium to brighten up my kitchen. That little brown thing in the paper bag that looks like a small woodland creature is, in fact, a small woodland creature– a hen of the woods mushroom. I hear they can be found in the same wooded park where the raspberries grow if you know where to look.


2 thoughts on “This week at the farmers market: 4/25/2009

  1. Kerry

    I thought those were chocolate chips in that bag! A lovely “take” from the farmer’s market. I bet you have some delicious menus planned.
    We are still getting mostly late winter and early spring produce here: lots of greens, some root vegetables (radishes, turnips), spring onions.

    This post would be great for the Farmer’s Market Report. I hope you’ll consider submitting it:


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