This week at the farmers market: 8/30/2008

Somehow I seemed to have missed an entire month of the farmers market. I don’t know what happened. I didn’t eat enough zucchini to get sick of it and I certainly haven’t had my fill of tomatoes. I think I only had corn on the cob twice. Yesterday I finally made it back to the market and alongside the peaches were pears. There were grapes too. Then I stopped to take this picture and when I looked down, at my feet was a crate full of acorn squash. Acorn squash!

I had the same conflicted feelings about fruit that I always have about the weather this time of year. When mid-August rolls around I start to have regrets. I only made it to the beach once. And I didn’t go to any outdoor movies. But really I like the fall better anyway. And as I wandered through the market in the unbearable humidity, fall started looking better and better. I was tempted by the pears and the grapes, but I decided that since I have all fall to eat pears, I should eat peaches for another week. So I got a bunch of peaches and a little basket of blackberries. I got a quart of beautiful little heirloom tomatoes and a couple little heads of lettuce and my favorite bread and cheese. And a bunch of those gorgeous carrots. But I’m not going to eat acorn squash anytime soon.

3 thoughts on “This week at the farmers market: 8/30/2008

  1. annie

    I was thinking the same thing today at the farmers’ market! What the heck happened to summer? I love the fall produce the best, so its not so bad.

  2. teddy

    i got some of those purple carrots too. you can buy purple beans also- isn’t that weird? so what’s up- you got to report on your new area.


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