This week at the farmers market: 7/19/2008

For as long as I can remember my mom has been lamenting the price of corn. She can’t buy corn without remarking that it used to be a dozen for a dollar. Never mind that corn hasn’t been a dollar a dozen for at least 20 years. Yesterday it was two for a dollar.

All of the most delicious summer treats are in season now, and its hard not to get carried away. I got my first tomatoes of the season and a big bunch of basil. I just might have to make a pizza tonight despite the fact that it’s about a hundred and twelve degrees in my kitchen right now without the oven on. I got another big pile of fava beans and a bunch of garlic scapes. When the scapes are left on the garlic plant to mature, they develop these cute little tiny heads of garlic on top.

I hear that this week will probably be the last for cherries, so I got one last pint. I got lots of peaches and some apricots and two kinds of plums. I got osme bright yellow ones that I’d never seen before, and some tiny, dark purple sugar plums that were so delicious they didn’t make it into the photo.

One thought on “This week at the farmers market: 7/19/2008

  1. meg

    Kate I grilled my first pizza Friday night, to avoid heating up the kitchen, it was great! If you want to try it out you could come over and use my grill!

    i actually made a tiny pizza in my toaster oven on the mini stoneware pan you gave me! it worked great! -kate


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