This Week at the Farmers Market: 7/5/2008

This morning I emerged from the subway at Union Square just in time for a sudden torrential downpour. I briefly considered turning back but luckily by the whole thing was over in about 5 minutes and the market was a little less crowded than it usually is. I got some milk and a big pile of fava beans and some garlic and a couple of yellow squash and a loaf of levain. I got a bunch of mixed lettuces, and when I went to get some eggs I decided to get some chicken too. Yesterday Meg made me a chicken salad sandwich at the beach and it turns out I like chicken salad. I never knew. The cherry guys said that the cherries wouldn’t be around for long because most of their crop got wiped out by hail. So I bought a lot. If you invite me over for dinner sometime soon I just may show up with a cherry pie.


2 thoughts on “This Week at the Farmers Market: 7/5/2008

  1. Meg

    Chicken salad is great with some added fruit, like cranberries, grapes, maybe even cherries. I have also gone the spicier route with wasabi mayonaise. I’d be happy to have you over for some if you bring the pie!


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