The New Amsterdam Public Market

I’m a sucker for all things old-timey. Especially old-timey New York. And I really, really like grocery shopping. So I was really excited about going to the New Amsterdam Public Market on Sunday. Preserving the traditional function of a neighborhood that’s all but lost to tourist schlock by creating a new place for me to go grocery shopping? Sign me up! The two buildings that used to house the Fulton Fish Market (for like 200 years) have been vacant since the fish market moved to the Bronx in 2005. And New Amsterdam Public wants to reopen the at least one of the buildings as a public market for sustainably produced food.

My friend Christa and I went down there Sunday and tasted many delicious breads and cheeses. We each brought home a hunk of gruyere and a loaf of bread. I had the most delicious strawberry ice cream and sorbet. And I bought a package of blue corn tortillas from Hot Bread Kitchen. I have a feeling they’re going to make some really delicious tacos.

One thought on “The New Amsterdam Public Market

  1. christa

    I vote yes on the new amsterdam market. I had a great blueberry, yougurt, and honey popscicle from people’s popscicles and the gruyere was amazing. Plus, it provided a great view of the river and the new waterfalls. It would be great to see it turn into a regularly occuring market.


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