This week at the farmers market: 6/28/2008

Hi! Sorry! I’m back now! I’ve been a little distracted by my new job. I haven’t cooked much of anything lately. I ate frozen Trader Joe’s taquitos all week and I’m ashamed to say that much of produce I bought at the farmers market two weeks ago was found rotting in the bottom of my refrigerator this morning. But I’m going to get back on the wagon.

I went to the farmer’s market this morning. I came home with an awful lot of garlic. I picked up a bunch of fresh garlic, and then I saw the garlic scapes. I realized that a bunch of fresh garlic and a bunch of scapes was really way more garlic than I can really eat in a week. But scapes don’t stick around for very long and I didn’t want to miss my chance. And I had nothing but a couple cloves of pathetic, half-rotten supermarket garlic at home and the idea of not having a head or two of garlic in the house makes me nervous. It’s almost as bad as not having milk in the house. So I bought them both. And a bunch of young red onions too. Then as I was walking I looked down at the green shoots poking out of my tote bag and realized that the garlic still had its scapes attached. Duh. So now I really have a lot of scapes. I just need to think of something to do with them all. I’m thinking along the lines of pesto.

I got one last quart of strawberries. At the beginning of strawberry season I never think I could possibly tire of them but I think I’ve nearly had my fill. I’m much more interested in cherries now. I picked up a dozen eggs and some baby lettuce but I tried to restrain myself because I’m looking forward to going the New Amsterdam Public Market tomorrow. I’ll be sure to report back on that.

2 thoughts on “This week at the farmers market: 6/28/2008

  1. teddy

    i heard fresh garlic is a million times better than the dry garlic we usually see in the super market. but how? stronger? i’ve never had it!

  2. kate Post author

    Green garlic is a lot milder tasting than mature garlic. But really fresh, mature garlic is stronger than supermarket garlic and its really juicy. You know how supermarket garlic is sometimes sort of yellowish and dried out? That means it’s bad but sometimes its already like that when you buy it.


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