Gardening the Hard Way

***This week at the farmers market is on hiatus. Here’s a dispatch from Vermont.***

…once again, although I do wish I had a reliable and functioning rototiller at my disposal…… began turning over the garden by shovel 2day: GARDENING THE HARD WAY.


4 thoughts on “Gardening the Hard Way

  1. teddy

    this does look hard! i remember when my dad bought our rototiller, i questioned the purchase because i wanted a sega. now, i finally feel selfish.

  2. chriss

    The sound of the shuvel turning the earth…, much more sensual then a rotatiller. It also makes you appreciate a smaller plot of land. When can you begin planting in Vermont? What do you plant first?

  3. meg

    we look forward to sharing some Lake Bomoseen Bass with some of your home grown produce in July!
    Meg and the Fisherman


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