This week at the farmers market: 4/19/2008

I didn’t think I’d make it down to the farmers market this week, but I was able to get down there late Saturday afternoon. When I got to Union Square it was so jammed with people that I nearly turned around and went home again. But I braved the crowds and was rewarded with something that only comes around once a year– ramps! Ramps are a wild member of the onion family with a delicious garlicky flavor.

I got some pheasant eggs, which are about half the size of a chicken egg. The shells are brown on the outside and blue on the inside. They’re very nice hardboiled and added to a salad. I got some delicious spicy micro greens and some arugula, some chevre, a sourdough baguette, and a handful of fingerling potatoes. And I got basil and spearmint and rosemary plants, which are now repotted and lined up on my windowsill along with the parsley and thyme I got a few weeks ago.


5 thoughts on “This week at the farmers market: 4/19/2008

  1. Lisa

    so what exactly do you do with those herbs from the market? How do you repot them and tend to them? I want to do that but I’m clueless.

  2. DAVE

    ….mmmmmmm RAMPS!
    I saw lots of ’em growing along the Taconic on my drive down and back up again, not quite ramp time in VT yet.

  3. kate Post author

    Lisa, you can grow herbs, I know you can. Just bring them home and transfer them to a pots that are a little bigger than the ones they came in. You’ll need some potting soil to fill that extra space in the new pots. Then just put them in a sunny spot and water them whenever the soil gets dry. They usually need to be watered every couple of days. In the summer they might need water every day. Then just pick what you need. The more you pick, the more they’ll grow. Pick from the top.

  4. christa

    I was at the Union Square Market saturday afternoon too, only I did not come home with quite the same bounty. I bought a nice loaf of seeded 8 grain bread (which is now completely gone) and some portobello mushrooms (also gone). Opps, I forgot I also bought an apple and a cup of apple cider which I ate and drank while I walked around. I was looking for arugula, but the stand I went to said they didn’t have any – although it was on their sign. Made me sad.

    The market was completely overwhelmed with people. I guess it was a product of the beautiful weather. I have to admit that I did nudge a few hung over NYU students out of my way as I tried to navigate the crowds.

    One thing that made me really sad about the market was the abundance of plants for gardening. This is the first year since I’ve lived on my own that I haven’t had a porch or a yard to garden in. Last year I had massive herb plants – basil, mint, thyme, sage, parsley – two varieties of tomatoes – yellow and red – and containers and containers of flowers. I’m nervous to invest in herb plants when I have no real sunny spots in my apartment to grow them. My apartment in NYC has already killed my jade plants, my orchid, and another small houseplant which I’d cared for since 2002. One entire wall of my studio is windowed, but I don’t get direct sunlight, which I’ve found is essential for wonderful herb growth. And my cat is likely to knock any pots off if they get in the way of his perching spots. Am I stuck with buying over-priced cut herbs at the grocery store?


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