This week at the farmers market: 4/5/2008

There’s been a little bit of a shake-up at the Union Square Green Market. Apparently they’re starting some construction on the park, so the market has been moved form the north side to the south side. Some of the farmers are a little cranky about their new spots I think. Nobody knew where to find their favorite stalls. The “artists” who used to sell their tourist shlock on the south side have been displaced and were half heartedly protesting. I can’t say I’ll miss them. I was a little disoriented at first but I think the new space is ok.

I got milk and bread and eggs, and some delicious mixed greens. Some german butterball potatoes, which taste, as the name suggests, like butter. This has become my new favorite way to eat them. Sometimes I scramble a couple eggs in at the end. That blue cheese is also buttery and delicious. Did you know that blue cheese doesn’t turn blue until its been cut into and seen the light of day? The cheese lady cut me a piece from a big wheel and when she sliced it off I was momentarily disappointed to see that my cheese was rather pale. I didn’t say anything, but she anticipated my concern and assured me that it would turn blue by the time I got it home. She was right.

2 thoughts on “This week at the farmers market: 4/5/2008

  1. Sam & Dave

    We started some seeds today that we will transplant into the garden in late spring. several varieties of tomato, including the heirloom varieties: Cherokee Purple, Rose, and Pruden’s Purple. We also started peppers: Czech Black amongst the hot and Klari Baby Cheese, amongst the sweet. We also started some purple tomatillos and red beets.

  2. Sam

    My favorite blue cheese, by far, is Great Hill Blue- It comes from Great Hill Dairy in Marion, Massachusetts and is made with non-homogenized, raw milk- it’s truly delicious and goes exceptionally well with a salad of baby arugula, beets and walnuts.


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