Chicken Stock


I’ve been saving up chicken bones and vegetable scraps in my freezer, and this past weekend I made a big pot of chicken stock. It takes all of 15 minutes to get it going, and then you can just leave it to cook itself for a few hours. You’ll end up with a freezer full stock that’s so much better than anything in a can, and costs practically nothing.


Start saving up spare chicken parts in your freezer. You can use the carcass of a roast chicken, or any extra parts like the neck. When I made my chicken potpie I saved the neck and the wings, as well as the bones and some leftover meat that I didn’t use. You can also save vegetable scraps like the tops of leeks.

Put your chicken in a big pot along with a few carrots, a few stalks of celery, a couple large onions, cut in half, and the tops from a bunch of leeks. Take a few sprigs of parsley and thyme, a bay leaf or two, a couple cloves of garlic, and a few black peppercorns and tie them up ina little piece of cheese cloth with some string. This is called a bouquet garni and it’s lots of fun to make. Fill the pot with enough water to cover everything and bring to a boil over medium heat. Then turn the heat way down and leave it to simmer for about 3 hours.

Once it’s done scoop out all of chunky stuff. Line a fine mesh sieve with a few layers of cheesecloth. Set the sieve over a bowl and and pour the stock through. Allow to cool completely before pouring into individual containers.

Look at all the stock I have now! 15 cups!


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